Big Data for Social Change

Adai Network Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated for creating better connections between NGOs and volunteers across Greater Vancouver. Backed by big data analytics, we develop free web and mobile apps to make public events and volunteer opportunities easy to manage and participate in. We organize our own volunteer teams to facilitate the organization of communities events. 

Community Outreach

To provide opportunities for youth to engage with their communities in diversified ways, while promoting volunteerism among youth groups across Greater Vancouver.

We mainly focus on new immigrant and international youth who may encounter difficulty in finding meaningful and enjoyable volunteer opportunities. 

Application Development

We build free and easy-to-use mobile and web applications to facilitate NGOs to increase their social impacts and volunteers to find desired community events and opportunities.

Learn more about our app Volunteer Rack

Computing Education Program

Wondering what is programming? Considering majoring in Computer Science during your undergraduate study? The Canadian Computing Competition (CCC), an annual competition hosted by University of Waterloo, is a fun challenge for secondary students interested in programming and algorithms. CCC is a world-recognized competition and most of its top-performing students end up studying in top Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics programs across North America. 

The software engineers at Adai Network Foundation are proud to offer a workshop series to help secondary students prepare for both Junior and Senior levels of this competition. Details of the workshop series will be posted soon on our website. 

Decoding University Majors

"It’s no longer about simply acquiring a degree and a specific skill set for a job", writes The Globe and Mail. Compared with their parents, post millennials enjoys undulating and changeable career paths, and picking a proper undergraduate major is far more challenging than before. While many academic advisors would suggest students selecting a mix of academics and extracurricular activities, the sheer volume of courses offered at universities means that wise planning has become one of the keys for success in your undergraduate career.

With the support of senior volunteers who current study at UBC and SFU, our "decoding university majors" workshop seeks to help secondary students get a sense of different university majors' prerequisites, what hard and soft skills they would offer, as well as their career prospects. 


Volunteer Rack

Volunteer Rack is a social platform (with both web, wechat and iOS versions) that facilitates volunteer activities. It is still in beta-test and we will continue to improve its data mining algorithm. Once completed, the platform would automatically synchronize with our collaborators' websites and publish new volunteer opportunities automatically. Our goal is to make Volunteer Rack a "communication hub" to better connect NGOs and Volunteers in Metro Vancouver.


Testimonial Video

Take a quick look at how community leaders, our sponsors, and our volunteers speak about Adai's community involvement.