Frequently Asked Questions 

1) In a nutshell, what does Adai Network do?

The primary goal of Adai Network is to build a non-profit "Linkedin" for volunteers, non-profits, and charities. While public events and volunteer opportunities can be shared and managed in a couple of ways right now (e.g., Facebook, Eventbrite, and Meetup), none of them takes a grass-root approach by closely collaborating with non-profits and charities. We believe that new media technologies and big data analytics  should be freely used for social change, and this leads to the creation of Aai Network.

2) Our organization want to post events and volunteer opportunities via Adai Network. Will it be free and how will it be done?

As a non-profit organization, Adai Network strives to make Volunteer Rack a free platform. Our service for non-profit and charities will always be free. If you are interested in posting events and volunteer opportunities via Volunteer Rack, please contact our communication director, Sibo Chen (siboc at adainet dot ca). Volunteer Rack is empowered by data mining techniques, so it can synchronize with your organizations' other communication channels (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to post events and volunteer opportunities automatically.

3) What kind of data is collected by Adai Network?

We only collect public online data, such as event posts on other organizations' own websites, social feeds, and email newsletters.

4) Your idea sounds cool and I would like to learn more about it, how can I get in touch with folks at Adai Network?

Address: #2600-4720 Kingsway-Metrotower II, Burnaby, BC, V5H4N2
Phone: 778-899-5322