How We Operate

Adai Network currently works on two programs:  

  • Through our outreach program, we collaborate with different NGOs and send Adai's own volunteer teams to help communities in-need. See Event Log for our recent activities.  
  • Through our app development program, we develop free software programs to better connect NGOs and minded youth. Our main goal is to create a free NGO/charity index powered by data analytics.
  • Through our computing education program, we helps secondary school students to learn basics of designing, understanding and implementing algorithms in computer science.

Our Missions

The purposes of the Adai Network Foundation are:

  • To assist high school and university students in finding suitable volunteer opportunities from non-profit organizations.
  • To provide technical assistance for non-profit organizations in times of need.
  • To foster public awareness of the potential of new media technologies and data analytics in promoting civic engagement.
  • To promote collaborations between the technology community and the public sector.

Our Platform

Volunteer Rack is a social platform (with both web and iOS versions) that facilitates volunteer activities. It is still in beta-test and we will continue to improve its data mining algorithm. Our goal is to make Volunteer Rack a "communication hub" to better connect NGOs and Volunteers in Metro Vancouver. Once completed, the platform would automatically synchronize with our collaborators' websites and automatically publish new volunteer opportunities.

Screenshots of Volunteer Rack (iOS version)